Brandon J Smith. Born July 1st 1997 in Memphis, TN. Back and forth, home to home the majority of his childhood, he's taken a liking to different cultural aspects in different walks of life. Different races and nationalities. Different religious and moral standings. This mindset shows in his music everyday and anyone who knows him, knows it. 

Starting off with stage fright at a young age, Brandon wrote anonymously for other artists several years without compensation just to hear his songs sang and played. To this day, under an oath of silence; still very few people know what songs he's written. Nothing he ever wrote ever reached a point of grammy material, but a couple reached nominations. This was enough to push Brandon to become the face of his own words believing that it does his vision disjustice that people recorded them without following taking part in what the songs were meant to influence.

Now with the goal to change the world through music (by means of altering perspective and influencing acceptance), Brandon records not only for his love of music; but also to help grow the people around him.