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#savethechildren - Call to Action  

2021 is here and people have already forgotten the dangers of the year before. Do not follow this trend. Brainwashing is real and child kidnapping is still an existing stain in humanity. The curse of Jeffrey Epstein has only left influence in it's wake and without the attention that this menace attracted in 2020 it is only going to get worse from now on. Be part of the change. Share my single "Oh My" to anyone and everyone whom will support the movement and influence them to fight back against the oppression of children everywhere.


I want to reach out to the fans, friends, and other readers whom have taken place in the protests and riots. Each and every last one of you are appreciated in your own right. By me, certainly, if no one else you know. Most people have been afraid to step out into the streets and fight the powers and oppression but surprisingly there's been more than a few of you out there fighting on our behalf. The Black Lives Matter movement has grown significantly over the years and we have the White supporters to thank for this growth. We appreciate you.

BTwist Site Reboot in the Works 

March 10th 2019, we started production of the new official BTwist site after closing down the last one late of last year. The team and I have learned significantly more since the start of this career early last year and we plan to bring it into effect now. If you're reading this and have not joined the email list yet, join right now to receive free songs and merchandise as we grow. Donate to us and we will donate back to you. Thank you to the little over 3,500 consistent fans (counted late 2018) who stuck around and waited through the struggle. Looking forward to proving to you all that I'm not out of this game yet. Follow me.

- Brandon J Smith (B-Twist)